In every cubic meter of earth we excavate, rock we break, concrete we place and in every meter of road we construct; it is our employee’s labour and hard work we respect.

At HGG we believe that people are key to success even though our activity primarily performed by machinery and equipment. We believe that being a member of HGG family is equals servicing to Turkey. With the awareness of this great responsibility, we proceed on our path with those who have the ability, knowhow and potential of growth to carry us to the future.

We consider members of HGG family as key to success for achieving organizational targets and wish to see them in the future of our organization as they were present in its past. We give importance to employee continuity, provide opportunities for developing capabilities of our employee with a progressive approach to improvement and build our human resources philosophy on the harmonized understanding of “employee for work” and “work for employee” duality.

Founded by Hüseyin Güntaş in 1962 as Güntaş Construction, our company was restructured in 1994 under the name of HGG Construction Industry and Trade Limited. The Company has been formed as HGG Consruction Inc. since beginning of 2016.

Supported by its past experience of 50 years and vision focused on the future, HGG has been delivering general contracting services primarily for road and infrastructure projects.

Contact Information

Address: Turan Güneş Bulvarı No:180Y (Park Oran Ofis E-Blok)
Kat:15 Daire:51
Phone: +90 312 491 50 50 (Pbx)
Fax: +90 312 491 50 51