HGG approach to social responsibility is attentively designed and structured to both create and retain long-range benefits for society.

In this context, our company create social responsibility projects or supports existing social responsibility projects in various platforms particularly in education to fulfil its own reasonability.

Information on the major social responsibility projects carried out by the Company are listed below.

Elif Güntaş Primary School in Tunceli
Elif Güntaş Primary School, which provides educational opportunities for 17 classroom with 372 students and which went into operation in 2013; The School includes laboratory , auditorium, library, social studies room, school health room and counselling service.

The Reconstruction of Tunceli Dedeağaç ( Pilvank ) Village in order to ensuring return to the village again.
In 2001, in partnership with the Tunceli Governorate, Tunceli Dedeağaç (Pilvank) Village was completely reconstructed in order to ensuring a proper process for returns to the village.

Reconstruction of Tunceli Dedeağaç (Pilvank) Village Sacred Places
In 2006, the sacred places of region which are Wistina Şaye (Situna Reş-Şix Delîl-î Bexecan) and Pîrê Şevdîn have been reconstructed in Tunceli Dedeağaç ( Pilvank ) Village.

Founded by Hüseyin Güntaş in 1962 as Güntaş Construction, our company was restructured in 1994 under the name of HGG Construction Industry and Trade Limited. The Company has been formed as HGG Consruction Inc. since beginning of 2016.

Supported by its past experience of 50 years and vision focused on the future, HGG has been delivering general contracting services primarily for road and infrastructure projects.

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