In parallel with current technology and developments, we shape our environmental impacts according to the principles of sustainability and see our innovative approach among our indispensables.


We Believe in a Sustainable Future

Since our establishment, we not only showed our commitment to the conservation of the nature but also adopted our methods to the evolving technology to successfully execute tangible approaches.

Our mission was not limited to our awareness with our renewable energy investments, such dedication also manifested itself within our construction operations.

In transportation infrastructure projects, from optimizing engineering for less cement usage to the application of recycled asphalt in our road projects, we have applied various methods for more nature-friendly implementations.

In our building projects, apart from our commitment to energy efficient building goals and regulations, we also used modular technologies with sustainable materials such as CLT to ensure the occurrence of less carbon emissions. Furthermore, we have successfully designed a first in the world with our recycled brick façade GRC mix design.

In our environmental projects, while improving the water quality we also designed plants that are self-sufficient to avoid using extra energy and successfully built them.

Whilst our methods are decreasing our carbon footprint, with our carbon credits we also have been enroute to offset our overall carbon emission.

Since early 2000s, our company have been on track with its path to become a sustainable firm, and our commitment have become part of our core ethos.

We Work For Better World

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